William Bell

Content Marketing Coach

William Bell is an author, speaker coach and consultant for experts who speak. He created WalkingYourTalkToTheBank Workshop teaching Music Professors, public speakers, network marketers, real estate professionals, sales and attorneys how to create and market their knowledge to leverage their business, promote themselves and create multiple streams of income.

William has also coached meeting planners, virtual assistants, business strategists, authors and speakers on how to create use audio and other information products and online marketing more effectively in their business.

Hi William, "Thank you for providing outstanding value, insight, and expert guidance to
me on creating information products!

Anyone who is interested in offering information products needs to learn from you as the "Digital Voice" and benefit from your excellent services!“

Dr. Brian Williams - The Head Coach of College Success™

Meeting William Bell was the highlight of the recent three day seminar that I attended.

I purchased his training on how to create audio CD’s and began making money before we completed the sessions.

He carefully and thoughtfully walked me through a simple, step-by-step process that works. Mick Altmyer, CEO and President, Altmyer Unlimited, Inc.

William made the process of going from conception to completion a snap. I knew what I wanted to say, but I had no clue where to start with getting a book completed and printed.

He gave me all the background info I needed and gave me a schedule that made the process simple and doable.

I was skeptical when he told me I could write an entire book in 90 days, but it actually took me less time than that because he motivated me so much! The man is simply a genius...

Shayna Rattler, CEO, Supplier Diversity Academy