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Shaper of Destiny

A creative visionary at heart and spontaneous developer of all things ingenious, Will Focus is a New York born Graphic Designer and Illustrator who seeks out content to work with that requires him to engage content/production on a more visceral level. Using the visual to emote and connect with the individual is a top priority in his development process. Due to this nature of development he is uniquely adept at providing clients with a broad range of skills.

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A Shaper of Destiny…

Will's Focus is primarily on that of Advertising, Branding/Identity, and Illustration work for individual and start-ups, as well as larger corporations.

In addition to being a Designer and Illustrator, Will Focus holds his B.S. in Graphic Design, is Owner of OurBlackWeb, co-owner of The Black Owned Business Collective, teaches classes and tutorials on vector illustration and development covering general use to in depth artwork, contributes to numerous stock vector art sites, in addition to being a member of various art collectives, including: Full Blackout, Intrinsic Nature, Hunie, Dribbble, and more.