Weston Brown

Composer, Musician, Entrepreneur

My name is Weston Brown and I’m a film composer and musician. It’s my passion to make music for people and my two favorite genres of music to write are film and relaxation music.  My relaxation music is often described as peaceful, ambient music that easily relaxes people and makes them sleep well. My compositions are mainly piano instrumental, ambient, and string music that will take you on a journey and into a relaxing state of being.

I have worked with numerous film directors, which many of the projects have won film festivals and competitions. I have also worked with a variety of teachers in the fields of meditation and yoga. I have made a peaceful difference in many people’s lives with my unique style of relaxation music.

I also have a passion for making websites and making money online. I'm a wealthy affiliate member and I have spent endless hours learning everything I can from the Internet. I am currently growing my online music business and expanding my music clientele. Not only do I have a passion for making music for people, I also have a passion for teaching people about websites and sharing the knowledge I have gained. This knowledge has transformed my life, and I'm hoping it will do the same for you. 

I have a Bachelor's of Music from the University of Arizona and a Film Scoring Certificate from UCLA. I'm currently living in Los Angeles as a freelance film composer, musician, and internet marketer. 

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