Wessel Ottink

Internet Marketer

Hi, I'm Wessel, I'm from the Netherlands, that little piece of land in Europe, and I've been interested in marketing and businesses you can do from home since I was pretty young (about twelve years old), because I really wanted to make money to buy the things I want and so I've been studying it since then.

I started my first business from home when I was about fourteen years old. I made some money and, of course, I didn't have to pay for a home or a car and other things like that, so I could buy anything I wanted to. I learned some things from rich people that really helped me. They said that you should invest in yourself. With 'investing in yourself' they mean getting yourself spend your money wisely in books for example. So because of that I started reading books and watch other people talking about those subjects.

I've been living from my online businesses since then. Now I'm studying, in the Netherlands too, and I'm 22 years old.

Not that much happened in my life because I'm not that old xD, but I have learned many things about online/home business(es) because I started with them when I was about fourteen years old. Now I'm here on Udemy because I want to teach other people stuff I've learned about online/home business(es).

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