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In 1991, after graduating from Oklahoma University medical school, I entered Neurological residency. I had an obsessive interest in the brain and mind, still do. After serving as chief resident I entered a rural practice serving a five County area. As a general neurologist I treated everything from sleep disorders, muscular dystrophy, ALS, multiple sclerosis, migraine, Alzheimer’s, brain tumors, neuropathy, epilepsy, Parkinsonism and chronic pain.

In 1998, because of the failure of the model of care I had been taught in medical school for many of my patients, I began to change my approach to integrative. I also started working with herbs for cognitive enhancement, pain &fatigue. This is when I started following closely the work of Dr. Andrew Weil and the other integrative/holistic leaders.

My new found ways of aggressive chronic pain advocacy and integrative medicine support often found me at odds with some in the Oklahoma medical community .After several skirmishes with the powers that be , I went to Arizona to study integrative/holistic medicine, help revive a clinic for the public health services and get some sun( vitamin D). After just a few years working for United States government health services I went looking for a better way to serve.

In 2008 I developed chronic illness and pain. After the failure of surgery and pharmaceuticals to help me return to health and a good quality of life I turned to herbal therapy, mindfulness and acupuncture. It worked for my pain and I turned my personal life from a rat race to a happy one. I started back on a healthier path and though I have had many stumbles, really allot, I am still moving forward. I also became stronger advocate for the holistic/integrative approach to health and more outspoken for the causes of the “spoonie nation”, “invisible illnesses” and chronic pain sufferers.

Recently I moved back to Oklahoma to be near my family and friends and I co-founded WellVana and mychronicpain.com which are focusing on education to illuminate all the different opportunities to overcome pain, suffering and help sufferers find a new path. I am active on the local seminar circuit, webinars, social media and working with advocacy groups…while looking forward to where my path takes me. I enjoy every day because I wake up and know I will get to help someone find a new path or opportunity.

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