Wayne Sharer

Traffic Commander Online Business Coaching

Wayne Sharer is the Best selling author of the antology, "Arts and Science of Success Vol II"

Retired Navy aviator, now entrepreneur running his own marketing consulting and coaching business, and teaching/coaching online business startups since 2009.

Wayne spent 22 years in the Navy, and has been teaching and coaching success in some form all of his adult life. He has over 35 years of coaching, instructing, and leading experience. Now It's time to help you build your business online.

Wayne built his online business from nothing, literally. He now runs a marketing consulting business for small and medium businesses, and and sells information products to assist small and medium businesses in improving their marketing results. He also does personal coaching of online entrepreneurs.

His business partner in New York focuses on helping non-profits who teach job skills and professions to willing, low income or jobless people raise money to continue their services.