Wayne McDonald

Udemy Instructor and Professional Internet Marketer

Hey you probably came to this page wondering what is this guy all about and you probably want to know who i am.

Well let me start when i was a kid i hated school i was kicked out so many times i lost count, so to say i didnt have direction in life would be a understatement. I left school for the last time at the age of 15 years old and decided to kick around the streets until i was old enough to work.

When i came of age to work i had every job imaginable, i was a chef, an apprentice mechanic but i really excelled in sales. It started with furniture and moved on to kitchens then i went onto buying in scrap gold and selling it on to independent jewelers. But the more money i earned the more i spent and it was usually on beer and all different alcohol. I just lived to party but at the age of 21 years old i drank so much i took a seizure and that changed my life, i could no longer work and doctors couldn’t figure out how to control the random seizures that developed.

As i was unemployed i had a lot of time on my hands, i had to move back into my moms house as she cared for me when i was ill, and one day i got to thinking about how i could start making money from home so i was searching the internet and found out about affiliate marketing. Well being a natural sales man this was right up my street, i could earn from home and if any seizures was to occur, at least i was at home where risk of injury was greatly reduced. I was so happy.

I was looking around and doing some research and finally came across a product that gave information about creating a website for ClickBank as an affiliate and earning some commission which i thought was great.

After awhile i started earning some decent money i learned about Google ppc and at that time Adwords accepted Clickbank products so the cheque’s was rolling in and i was doing very well. Until one day Google decided to change its rules, now it didn’t allow Clickbank on its ppc! My money soon dried up and i had to go back to the drawing board.

I started to learn to build websites reviewing Clickbank products and rank them using SEO and keywords, i stuffed every keyword i could and Google just accepted it. I was back in business, money was rolling in again.

Then BOOM once more Google updated their rules and changed their algorithm all my sites got hit HARD! Google being the wonderful company that they are, decided no more keyword stuffing.

So i was on another journey learning how to best market these products. Bringing you up to date now i am 26 years old ive been doing internet marketing for 5 years, I live on my own in Scotland (great country by the way). My seizures has been stopped for over a year and i am still making a shed load of money running my now online empire.

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