Founder of Zenslides Wan Yusof Wan Jeffery


Dr Wan Yusof Wan Jeffery is a passionate speaker who continuously seek improvement and knowledge in Communication and Slide Design. Few years ago, he discovered that slides did have powerful effect in controlling the audiences focus. Hence he started to develop a module to help speakers all over the world designing stunning slides using basic tool which is Powerpoint.

This then led to the birth of Zenslides in 2011. Since then, all powerpoint slides presented to his audiences were built based on Zenslides principles. Among the topics that he had covered were Social Media, Entrepreneurship, Medical Presentation, History and Productivity. All presentations received 5 stars rating from the audiences and when asked about the secret of his presentation, he simply replied 'Zenslides'.

Dr Wan Yusof is also a Toasmasters International member and currently completing his CC module. Apart from that, Dr Wan Yusof is also a Certified Search Engine Marketer and Certified Google Analytics Fundamental. His value is "The More You Give, The More You Will Receive".

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