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Active investor. Experienced Trainer. Qualified Accountant.

Walter Mogane

Experienced investor
I have been investing in property for more than 9 years. I have been fortunate enough to be able to own 5 properties which are worth over R5.5 million Rands (about $420 000). I have been receiving steady positive cash flow over these years from these properties. I also invest in commodities. 

I previously bought Krugerrands (gold coins) and sold them at a profit to have a deposit for one of the properties I mentioned. 

I currently have Silver coins and planning to get more as the price of them decreases. I'm an active investor. 

This is the knowledge and experience that I would like to share with the world and show people that it can be done, and why saving is outdated. I also love guiding people on how to change the financial path to make their lives easier and not waste their hard-earned cash.

Experienced Trainer
As an Excel trainer I love teaching Excel to students, business men and women or just the guys working for an employer. I emphasize how important it is to apply the Excel knowledge you will have gained in your every day job. That way you truly become more productive. 

I have been teaching Excel and other Microsoft suite programs for over 15 years and have received diplomas in Basic, Intermediary and Advanced Microsoft courses. I also received an outstanding achievement award for the Advanced Excel course I completed. 

Qualified Accountant
I'm a qualified accountant by profession. I have been working as an accountant for more 20 years in different companies. I have extended experience and knowledge in the accounting field for over 20 years. Some of the knowledge comes in handy when I make investment decisions regarding whether or not to buy property. Yep, you can also call me a number cruncher ;)

General information about the courses
You can do the sections in any order you like. I don't believe that you have to do the sections in a forced order. This also is very helpful if you just want to dive into a particular section, without having to do the other sections first. Having said that, I do recommend that you do the sections in the order they are available in the course.

I believe that it is vital that you do the quizzes for each lesson as you progress to test your understanding. If you get some questions incorrect in a quiz, don't worry, just try again until you come right.

Other facts about myself!
In my spare time I enjoy going to the gym, playing tennis, table tennis, swimming, listening to Rap, Soul and R & B music. I also enjoy reading inspirational books. Sometimes I just generally enjoy coming up with solutions to some of the world problems. I believe that's my entrepreneurial spirit talking. Oh well... there I said it!

I also enjoy spending time with my family watching family movies although my kids and my loved one always sleep halfway through the movies. So, well, I ended up watching the movies alone. Sniff, sniff!

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