Walid Hamarneh


Walid hamarneh is a fitness expert with a passion for motivating and inspiring others. With his devotion to health and fitness it is hardly a surprise that he has found recent success as a fitness coach and a youtuber.

Not just a fitness coach, Walid is an engineering student that loves physics and had so much fun helping other passing their physics exams and clarifying many concepts in engineering physics through tutoring and especially online tutoring through his youtube Channel that helped thousands of engineering student accros the United states and Canada.

Hamarneh uses his personal experiences from achieving her own weightloss goals to understand his clients and motivate them to love themselves and to be happy, healthy and fit. He teaches people how to live a healthy lifestyle and keep weight off forever with life changing results both inside and out.

Walid's main motivation is to help as many people as possible reach their goals wherether its in health of fitness and has a dream of becoming a motivational speaker such as Mr Zig Ziglar.

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