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Be First Be Rich

The author is one of the very first certified lecturers of Dale Carnegie© in Europe. He leads the well-known educational and motivational company and is the coach of many motivational training programs for adults. He has taught a certified course for Dale Carnegie© and also the well-known Sales Advantage Program ©. Besides that, the author has successfully completed training programs across Europe and the USA, including the EEP /Executive Excellence Program/US Generative Leadership Group, NLP Practioner/Bandler School, Energy Balanced Coaching with NLP, Nonviolence communication, and the well-known Brian Tracy program The Personal development and the management of the people. Among them, two of the most important ones are Bandler School NLP and EEP program in California, USA. 


The author has been presenting his own messages to audiences for more than 24 years. He is an author, a speaker and a seminar leader, speaking to different audiences across Europe. He brings a new dimension of looking at our own lives and shows us how to change them for the better in the present world.

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