Vlad Kay has been learning, studying, and doing finance and internet marketing for the past 7 years. After his job position as a financial advisor (lasting less than a year, after which he quit), he has vowed to never go back to having a job again; he simply cannot work for others, and many of you must definitely feel the same way!

He had to make money somehow to cover his expenses, so he got serious about internet marketing and stock market trading, and after YEARS of trial and error, he finally have grasped the right mindset that works, and that has made enough money through these two methods to fully pay off his university loans and for an apartment down payment in less than 2 years! 

Vlad is also a natural remedy and long-term health fanatic. Health and family always comes first before money, so that's his primary focus. 

He now loves to teach others, in his spare time, how to do the same because he never had anyone to teach him what he now knows when he started.

Feel free to contact Vlad with questions, feedback and comments!

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