Vlad Kish

Math and Computer Tutor/Teacher


Vlad Kish obtained his master’s degree in mathematics and computer technology and his teacher's degree at the University of Moldova. He is an expert Mathematics/computer teacher and over the past 25 years he has taught the subject to countless students from grades 4-12 at multiple institutions.

 Vlad is perhaps most renowned for his Online Math Academy (MDY Academy) founded in 2009 that offers virtual support via email or Skype to students who require assistance with homework, course content, and/or future directions. In his academy, he provides personalized support to all his registered students whether their goal is to improve their marks or prepare for the year ahead. In addition to receiving the support mentioned above, each registered student also has the option to take a quick quiz to assess their knowledge and comfort with the course material. The academy then formulates a recommended schedule and provides the student with guidance and personalized resources, which have been proven (by many previous students) to assist in developing the required knowledge for success.

Vlad is also in the process of creating new  courses. To Subscribe to Vlad’s Virtual Tutoring Academy or to learn more about additional  courses, visit his website (click on the icon close to his photo).

Whether utilizing his virtual support or tutoring services, Vlad's students all praise him on his finesse and passion in teaching mathematics and computers in a clear and extremely enjoyable manner. Throughout his teaching years, he has found a way to instill, through his patience and passion for mathematics/computers, a hardworking attitude in his students. It is this hardworking attitude that fosters confidence and outstanding academic improvements. Additionally, Vlad adapts to the needs of his students understanding that each student is unique and requires a personalized approach to success. 

Vlad currently lives in Canada where he is married with three children. On his spare time, he likes to read, engage in physical activity outdoors, and spend quality time with his wife and children. 

His vision is to continue making a difference and provide unparalleled support to those who struggle with math. He strongly believes that everyone can succeed and enjoy math as long as they are taught by an excellent teacher and provided with genuine mentorship and support along the way. 

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