Vitaliy Khor

SEO / Traffic Expert, Entrepreneur, & Instructor

I am an SEO/Traffic expert with a penchant for conversion optimization and also I speialize in Social Media, CPA/Paid traffic.

My goal is to help business owners to sell more of their products and services online.

Using my marketing/traffic skills I helped more than 300 online business owners over the past two years.

I am an accomplished Internet Marketing Professional and Web Strategist and I know the industry from all perspectives and I developed, implemented and managed internet strategies for both small and large companies, both nationally and internationally.

Most of my clients are referred to me by word of mouth, found through colleagues, travel connections, or though Facebook network.

My goal is to give my students the ability to change their career with the skills they learn in my classes and I infuse an energy and enthusiasm that you don't get with other experts.