Viv Oyolu

Radio Presenter, Audio Marketing Expert and Author

I'm a radio presenter, audio marketing expert and the author of 'How to use Podcasts to promote your book'.

I currently present the Dream Corner Show dedicated to female entrepreneurs and leaders; with over 300 guests being featured since inception.

As a Marketing Audio Expert, I focus on providing authors, writers and entrepreneurs with strategies to increase their online visibility and engagement using audio/podcasts.

Here are 7 quick facts about me I hope you find interesting:

  1. At 13, my dream was be a radio presenter. In 2011, fate stepped in just before I turned 45 and made it a reality. A little over a year later, I got featured in the Sunday Telegraph: Fancy a midlife career change? Meet 3 inspiring women.
  2. Part from the interviews I've done on my radio shows, I've also done over 150 other interviews
  3. Prior to Dream Corner, I had over 20 years marketing and business experience working for companies such as BMW, Walt Disney, Royal Bank of Scotland, Thames Water & Barclaycard.
  4. My consultancy background comes from degrees in Marketing and an MBA from Durham University Business School.
  5. In 2005, I took a career break and volunteered in New York for 5 months; an experience that changed my life.
  6. If you've heard of the 'How the World Sees You' profiling by Sally Hogshead, I'm a Catalyst – a Creative Enthusiast, and I provide out-of-the-box audio solutions, structure great questions, have natural warmth and enthusiasm, so guests always have a great experience.
  7. Took up running at 46!