Vishwas Deshpande

Director, CMCT and MITS Limited, Auckland, New Zealand

Having worked with multinational Telecommunications organizations and their business partners in five different countries, I have settled in Auckland, New Zealand for more than a decade now.

ICT Sales, Support and Training are fields keep me motivated alongside my living.

Imparting knowledge and helping underprivileged has been my passion from early years and fortunately I am able to devote majority of my time for last few years.

Offering guidance to younger generation and keep them updated professionally and technically is immensely important as everyone's future is highly dependent on their arms. It is our responsibility to strengthen these arms and let it begin from me.

I have been an active learner all through and have gathered information with the help of training programs and from co-operative colleagues.

My idea is simple, very simple....Always Advantage YOU!!

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