Vishnu Prasad

Meditation Instructor

VISHNU PRASAD: Vishnu has served and contributed his wisdom to thousands of people of more than 75 nationalities. He started his deep yogic and spiritual Journey at a very young age and was initiated into spiritual and yogic meditation practice. As a wellness practitioner, yogi and meditation trainer he has made great contributions to the society over a decade. Also he the founder of Soulfulness academy.The curriculums are focused on enhancing all areas of human life, which is focused on reconnecting and empowering our true self through meditation, yoga, and many more holistic life style to improve the quality of life and helping to reach it highest potential. Which lead to a meaningful and peaceful life.He is sincerely dedicated in his coaching and in his studies and research, in leading a holistic and spiritual path. In his teachings, he provides quality instruction for all levels of wellness activities to improve everyone’s health and happiness. His motto is “Serve, Care, and Transform.”

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