Vincent Merven

Trader by Profession. Trainer, Coach & Mentor by Heart

Vincent Merven is the Founder and Creator of the Motrendtum Traders Academy. The Academy provides training, coaching, mentoring and trading insights to traders who are starting out in their trading careers as well as experienced traders.

He has close on 10 Years of experience behind him when it comes to trading and investing the financial markets. He has physically tried and tested a vast amount of trading strategies to truly find out what works and what doesn't work so you don't have to. He has also traded several different financial instruments including Equities, CFD's, Index Futures, Forex, and Commodities.

Vincent is not only passionate about trading and creating financial freedom. He also has a great love for training others; helping them to create consistent profits in their financial portfolios and working towards their financial goals.

Vincent got interested in the financial markets at a very young age and it all started when he caught his first glimpse of a stock ticker tape running across the bottom of a TV screen. He was instantly captivated by all those numbers and was drawn towards figuring out what made all those numbers go up and down. Fast forward a few years he opened his first trading account and began trading stocks. The goal was trying to understand how the financial markets worked and how to make more money in the process. His first year of trading was extremely successful but as with majority of traders the victory and euphoria was short lived. He began trading recklessly and made the mistake of thinking that it was impossible to make a wrong move in the market; which nearly swiped out his entire portfolio. He quickly realized that the get rich quick method was not the answer to successful trading and that it was extremely hard work; often spending many hours a day in front of his computer.

Humbled and humiliated, Vincent picked himself up and went back to basics; trying to search and figure out the answers to a number of questions he had. Questions like: “What does it take to become a successful trader?", “How does someone make consistent profits as a trader?" and most importantly “How does one not spend 8 to 9 Hours a day in front of a computer screen trading?"

Over the years of trial and error Vincent has learnt what works and what doesn't so you get to learn from his mistakes and avoid them by taking his courses and becoming a part of the Motrendtum Family. Following the simple step by step instructions that he will give you, you too can unlock your financial freedom.

Hope you enjoy this valuable training and content he is going to share with you and trust you will have an amazing testimony to share after the completion of your course. 

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