Viktor Vanecek

Fitness trainer

My name is Viktor, I am fitness online coach in Slovakia, author 2-ebooks about muscle gaining and fat loss. I helped hundrets of people reach their fitness goals and I decided
that I will share all of informations with you. If I didn`t have to right information, I would be in the same situation like perhaps you are. And I looked like that after the first year of working out too- no change ! I was really angry with myself and also the world around me.
There was a time when I wanted to pack it in and reconcile to the fact that I will be skinny for the rest of my life.

Then there was a time when I told myself I am not going to give it up, and I was game for spending most of my money for buing various supplements, including those illegal ones.
Then I striked up a conversation with my friend`s friend, who looked like he has been working out for long.

And he has ! I found out he is VERY experienced. So he started leading me. He advised me the basic knowledge about strength training and the change was extreme. During first two month I put on 7 kg, according to photos and measuring of muscle mass, I even got the rid of some fat by the changing my training and food. From that moment everything changed – self-confidence, optimism regarding my progress, my point of view on the forbidden substances. I found out, that if you want to improve yourself in something fast and effectively, you have to have the “know-how.” You have to find for instance 20 % things which cause 80 % of the results.

So this was my little story. If you want to ask me something, do not hesitate to post comments in the right pane or send me a personal message here on the website.

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