Mr Viktor Maltsev

Instructor of udemy, chef, author, coach, traveller.

  My name is Viktor Maltsev, it is difficult for me to describe the nature of my employment , but hard not because I don't know what I want from life and what i can do, but because I can and I want a lot... And, most importantly, I realized that skills and knowledge should be shared. And my broad knowledge in the field of cooking, history and culture of different countries, methods of survival, in this complex, but all of us loved world I am passing and want to pass on to my students.
   I was born April 16, 1984 in Siberia in the geographical center of Russia and the whole of Eurasia continent in the Krasnoyarsk city, here I was in high school and was graduated from the University. Since childhood I was interested in cooking, preparation of various delicious dishes. In 4 years I cooked my first dish, of course with mom’s help, but I participated in every stage of cooking. To this day I remember the smell of pies and pancakes which were prepared by mother and grandmother.
   I grew up, went to University while working evenings and nights as a bartender in the best restaurants. Without special cooking education I learned from the apprentice turned to the chief. Life is diverse and trained as an engineer in chemical technology I got a good job with the opportunity to travel the world. I opened in my hometown school of survival in the modern world, but never forgotten and will not forget about cooking. Anywhere in the world in any country I try to go to the chefs in the kitchen and learn something new, because everyone can teach, and I share my knowledge.

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