Vikrant Sambhajirao Mane

Simplifying Technology for the Masses

I have been blogging about technology for about 4 years now. I have my own technology blog known as 'techdevotees'. I have  published various Motion Graphics Videos on Youtube & similar Video platforms. I have also published Ebooks on the context of 'Simplifying Technology for the People'.

I personally believe Everyone should use technology to its fullest as it is one of the Greatest Blessings for Mankind. Hence I always strive to teach people about various aspects of technology. As I was blogging about various technologies through the years, I Found out about industry secrets and Marketing Gimmicks. So, I try to educate People about these Gimmicks, so that they don't fall for them. I also believe that every Consumer must educate themselves enough to understand various aspects of a Product, so that they can make the Best Buying decision for them.

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