Vijay Pandey

Plant-powered ultra marathoner

Vijay is a plant powered ultra-marathoner, currently training for triathlons. He began running in 2014 after reading Scott Jurek’s, ‘Eat & Run’ and has been running since then. He has completed many half marathons, full marathons, and ultra-marathons over the years. 

As much as he loves running, he takes great pleasure in helping people achieve their PBs (personal best) and take up running has a fitness sport. He believes, if he, a former couch potato can do it, there is no reason in the world that anyone else can’t do it. The course, 'Couch to 10K Basics—Preparing for Your First Run' contains insights on how to transition from a couch potato to a fit runner, which Vijay has based on his personal experience.

He also believes in a holistic approach to running, which is to ensure that the right amount of exercise, nutrition, and sleep and recovery are taken as the pillars for optimal performance and injury prevention.  

He is active in various social media platforms where he shares learning, information, and opinions, and discusses on clean eating, nutrition, animal rights, sustainability, sports, and photography. For a living, he works in the Information Technology sector and lives in the silicon valley of India in a city called Bangalore.

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