Viet Nguyen

Blended Learning Enthusiast & STEM Education Advocate

I am a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) teacher at a middle school in Orange County, California. Having also taught at the high school level since 2008, I have always tried a variety of ways to ignite my students' interest in learning STEM. After much tinkering with my own classroom instruction, I have discovered that "blended" learning (combining face-to-face with online instruction) is THE way to engage my students. As a matter of fact, more and more educators who teach any subject in the various sectors - K-12, University, and Corporate - are discovering the same thing. Udemy has been the foundation of my "blended" teaching as it is a robust digital platform that easily curates and organizes even larger digital files. I have become so convinced that Udemy is such a great platform that I have created a course called UDEMY your K-12 CLASSROOM to show how K-12 educators & administrators can "Udemy" their own classrooms just as I have. Combining my expertise as a professional educator with my prior experience as a student in corporate & university classrooms, I will next release UDEMY your CORPORATE CLASSROOM and later UDEMY your UNIVERSITY CLASSROOM in order to offer strategies that non-K-12 instructors can utilize to blend their classroom with Udemy.

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