Vibeke Foss

Gorgeous Geek - Web Designer & Online Business Consultant

I'm Vibeke - a geeky and fun-loving Web Designer & Online Business Consultantoperating under the business name Gorgeous Geek. 

I work with Female Coaches & Entrepreneurs to help them get started with their website and first online business.

I also love creating biz communities for women, because in my own start-up experience everything changed when I found other female entrepreneurs to share the journey with. It's always easier - and a whole lot more fun - to do it together. Women truly have a special talent for inspiring and connecting with each other! 

I'm originally from Norway, and live in lovely Barcelona.


A bit of my story:

Before becoming the Gorgeous Geek, I was a diligent employer in the corporate world. Conforming and performing, but not really feeling I was living up to my full potential.

And being a relentless fan of customizing my life to my liking, I realized on one particularly unfulfilling day in the office that I could - and should - do so much more with my life. It didn't help that my current boss wanted me to serve him coffee... 

With Internet at my fingertips I saw the opportunity to start an online business, and planned the escape from my 9-5 job. Inspired by international women in the online world, and their heartfelt passion to support each other, I created my business and now live a free, flexible and fulfilling lifestyle that I could not even have imagined a few years ago.

I know so many women like me, who have the potential to start their own business online, and create their ideal lifestyle. Grateful to the women who inspired and supported me to get to where I am today, my mission and passion is now to support other women to help them get started with their business journey online.

Be it web design, creating website content or connecting women through one of my female entrepreneur communities, I'm genuinely happy to be part of your journey.

Look forward to connect with you!

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