Vern Sanders

Spanish, French, and English Language Teacher, Polyglot

I have spent several years learning and teaching foreign languages in the U.S and abroad. I have attended one of the top language schools in the country, taken many college courses on various languages, studied languages using language learning software, other programs, and on my own. I speak Malagasy (the official language of Madagascar), Spanish, French, and Portuguese. I have traveled to Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Madagascar, France, French Canada, Uruguay, and Brazil to learn and practice these languages.

I first joined Udemy as an instructor in early 2015 by making my first course on learning any language. I am excited to be a part of the online teaching community and to work on several language courses and courses on other topics.

My hobbies include running, camping, cooking, learning languages, learning new things, travel, video games,and reading.

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