Veronica Lamb

Radiant Life Consultant, Udemy Instructor

After struggling with health issues for years and feeling the frustrations when traditional medical doctors could not find answers, I finally decided to change the food I was eating as an experiment to see if that would make a difference. Within days I knew that I never wanted to go back.

That started a journey of learning to get back to basics with food, learning to cook in fresh ways, and really viewing food as nourishment and fuel for my life. My life dramatically changed as my health issues disappeared, my skin cleared, aches and pains left, my energy surged, and I was finally able to conceive! I couldn't help but tell others about what I was learning and experiencing by just changing they food I ate.

The journey continued with learning about food sensitivities and food allergies while cooking for my family & friends. After serving hundreds of meals to my guests and tweaking recipes based on their feedback I've started sharing the fruits of this labor with greater community. Friends and family have seen their health issues turn around and overall quality of life improve.

Sharing my recipes is not just a way to improve the helath of others it is a way to inspire more justice in the world. Justice towards ourselves, towards the earth, and towards our communities. I hope my experiences and lessons learned are a blessing to you.

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