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Learning Russian in Conversation

Linkage Business is a group of enthusiastic and motivated Russian entrepreneurs that connect the East and West by providing business services in sales and marketing, Russian language courses, business trainings and consultations, concentrating on people and firms that are interested in Russian market. We have plenty of ambitions and great objectives. Young, determined and entrepreneurial are the keywords that describe our team best.

We have profound expertise in the international aspect of business and entrepreneurship when it comes to entering and succeeding on the Russian market as a foreign company or individual. Having worked on the international arena with people of different origins, we also saw a great demand for learning Russian Language. Aside to international relations and trade, now we have explored that field and achieved great results.

Each our project that we launch is unique and represents certain objective. Our team consists of excellent Russian language instructors with profound track record of teaching the language for diverse target audience. Emphasizing particular focus on communicational aspect of the language, we enable our students to achieve greater results in speaking Russian as well as in listening and understanding the language. Our approach is known for getting the students involved and make them feel at ease with this foreign language.

So let`s get it started! ПОЕХАЛИ!

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