Velvet Woodly

Health, Wellness, Weight Loss, Lifestyle Coach

Hi I'm Velvet. I'm a Health Coach who specialize in health, wellness, nutrition and weight loss. As a former 14 year real estate agent/investor, I experienced my own bouts with emotional eating and weight gain after an emotional career crash in the 2008 mortgage melt down. After my real estate journey ended I pursued a degree in Sports, Health and Exercise Science. I have coached 100's of women in online platforms across the globe to health and weight loss success. Some of my clients have been on other continents.

In my early 30's, I started experiencing severe gastrointestinal digestive issues. By my later 30's I started experiencing drastic decline in my vision and changes in complexion and hair. In my early 40's I started experiencing joint discomfort mostly in the knees, ankles and lower back. What I discovered throughout each of these phases is that each one of these issues and discomforts were all relieved with the right nutrition (food). I started addressing and dealing with those  emotions that were not benefiting me and bringing on the mindless eating. I had to start really listening and learning my own body like never before. I learned all about foods, the benefits of it and how my body responds both visually and physically with certain foods. I drastically improved my eye site. My digestive issues are gone. Now in my early 40's, I do not wear glasses, contacts or have I ever had lasik surgery. My hair in my early 40's is longer and thicker than in my teens. My skin cleared, my energy went through the roof and the belly bloat went away with the right nutrition. I am even healthier emotionally. Incorporating the right nutrition with exercise truly changed my life. Not only would I have looked like a different person but I would have also felt like a different person emotionally and physically. This is why I coach from an inside out method. The reason why so many struggle with weight in a world filled with diets, cleanses, diet pills, workout videos and gyms on every corner is because he/she approach this journey from the outside in when the opposite should be done. Weight management is far more of a personal development journey (inside out). The meal plans and workouts come after that and enhance the journey.

I look forward to providing you with much content that will help you achieve your goals.

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