Varun Thakur

Financial Analyst

I am currently working as a financial analyst in Melbourne (Australia). I started as a software programmer and a few years later decided to become a financial accountant instead due to my curiosity about share markets and all the firms that trade on them globally.

The journey to become a financial accountant made me realize that I can use my software development skills and combine them with the accounting knowledge that I have acquired by studying and working for multinational companies across different industries to become an analyst.

I have been a financial analyst for almost six years now, analyzing business financial statements, profitability at the product level and combining that strategic bottom line view with IT requirements to simplify tasks for businesses in order for them to achieve their targets.

Teaching is a hobby of mine, and I have been a teacher since I was fifteen. I started with teaching my cousins, which led me to tutor other students in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, statistics and software programming. I very strongly believe that the best way to learn something is to teach, as that broadens your horizon while teaching you to accept the fact that other people will have an opinion or understanding that will be different to yours.

One day I realized that I should combine all my skills (educational, professional and tutoring) and take the next step of teaching to a larger scale via Udemy. I am hoping this platform will help me understand students' perspectives at a global scale besides assisting me in developing the skills that are required to be a good teacher.

I always want my students to build a foundation first, and then start building the skyscraper (metaphorically speaking), because without a good foundation the skyscraper will not last for long regardless of how tall it is. It is not the height of knowledge that matters, it is the depth of it that normally assists people in achieving excellence.

Every course of mine will have the following objectives in the order mentioned:

1) Build foundation by teaching basics first

2) Test that the foundation has been build strongly

3) Start with simple concepts and over time build on them to solidify the understanding of the topic

4) Teach students to chase excellence in whatever they do

Courses that Varun Thakur is enrolled in