Valery Molone

Personal & Professional Coach

Valery’s approach as a life coach provides the study of personal development that she received from working with clients from different parts of the world. All of her training is based on real life experience, and Valery has studied under the likes of Coach and Motivational speaker Anthony Robbins, and the world-renowned Cloe Madanes who in 2005 was recognized as a Master Therapist by the American Psychotherapy Association.

Valery has a certification from the Robbins-Madanes Coach Training for Strategic Intervention Life Coach.

Observing human behaviors from different countries, and understanding why people behave the way they do has given her the means to offer a high quality service to her clients. Valery’s experience in various aspects of the world from traveling and being bilingual has equipped her to assist her clients and provide the type of practical information and the guidance that they are seeking. One of Valery’s urgent aspirations is to utilize her life experience, grace, wisdom and humanitarian interests as a coach to guide her clients to the right path.

Valery also know’s what it’s like to start with absolutely nothing.

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