Valeria Grigoras

Online instructor

I'am an Engineer in food industry. But this area was not my passion was not wake anything in me, and for 10 years I am looking for something to give me a vibrating body, gladly to what I do. 6 years ago I came across a book of personal development and I delved then I stopped. Then have pass three years without doing anything about it, meaning to develop myself in any direction, but then I get started to study development and personal transformation. Since then I have read a lot of books and I began to apply the things I felt like I fit, I proactively involved in activities related to this field. 

I have accumulated a lot of knowledge in this field that I have completely transformed into what are true ME, and this process of accumulating knowledge on the personal transformation still continue participating in courses and accumulating information. 

That way I want to share with you my experience purely personal to get the best version of yourself.

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