Mateusz Fraczek

iOS & Apple Watch Developer and Teacher With Passion

Hi, my name`s Matt. I`m iOS and Apple Watch developer. My passion are writing programs on Apple products and sharing my experience and knowledge with others. I`ve been writing applications for ages and I love my job.

I graduated from the university with IT specialization and with the specification of iOS application programming. And this is when I started my adventure with writing programs - I have been doing it for years. I started to write applications for myself and for my friends. They said that I was good at what I was doing and that my applications were really great! I decided to share my knowledge with others. It turned out that I was a nice teacher and my students was learning very quickly. I came up with the idea of creating the course for total beginners, so to let them become professional developers.

You may not believe in what I`m writing but jut take a look at my courses and you will get to like it! I guarantee that my courses are the best in Udemy service, and first of all they are interactive. Join my students society and learn with us!