Vladislav Hubar

Prop Trader

Vladislav Hubar is a prop trader in the firm United Traders located in Russia, Moscow. He trades equities. He trades the markets NASDAQ and NYSE. He is focused on the Stocks In Play and on the Pump and Dumps. His trader key qualifications are: intra-day trader, momentum trader, great tape reading skills and Level II understanding, use Price Action, 1 to 5 is his minimum risk/reward ratio. He was trained for the scalping and intra-day trading by the prop-firm United Traders. Furthermore, he was mentored by one of the SMB Capital (proprietary trading desk in NYC) traders, Yakovenko Maksym, to learn how to read Time & Sales and Level II. At the moment, he is university student in the HEC Montreal, business school located in Montreal, Canada.

Trading and sports are his passions. Now, he is doing MMA. Before, he was playing in the soccer cegep team. He takes trading very seriously. It is his job. Every day, after the closing bell, he analyzes his trades, he corrects his mistakes and he looks for the opportunities missed. Every day, he becomes a better trader. He works hard and he will achieve his goals. In the near future, he wants to learn more about how to trade the High Betas.

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