Ubong Ekpo

Author, Motivational Teacher & Global Learning Strategist

My name is Ubong Ekpo and my life revolves around being a great husband, father and mentor. I'm married to my best friend and we have a wonderful daughter.

Three main themes or channels for my giftings to flow to the world are : writing, speaking and growing people and teams. The third I do through training sessions.

About 8 years ago, I discovered what I was really good at, my calling and giftings in life.

The funny thing is they had always been there from childhood as with all of us. Many times, past experiences and environments cause people to lose touch with their original design. One of my favorite sayings is : "if you can't see a future, you won't have a future" and I have been privileged to train and consult hundreds of people across Europe, Africa and the US on areas of growth and personal development. This passion of mine resulted in my first book on Amazon titled: "The A.R.T of Motivation: Success in Life by Rediscovering your core design" and I've been at it since.

Growing vision, clarifying purpose, aligning systems and developing people are what I help teams with and I am excited about learning and creating enjoyable, adaptive and effective learning systems, whether informational or performance-based.

Having served in Training Manager and Learning consultant roles since 2009, I possess a rich background in Instructional Design, Personal and Corporate learning

Some of my writing and publications can be seen from:

  1. My First Amazon Book: “The A.R.T of Motivation-Success in Life By Rediscovering Your Core Design" Awarded 5 star review by consecutive Top-100,Hall of Fame Amazon reviewer
  2. My second Amazon Book: “If I can Just Focus- 5 Keys to Sanity & Success"
  3. Extracts from my featured material in Project Management Institute's Career Section: (8 Career Tips for Newbie Project Managers")

I also run a website and blog being quite active on social networks. In my free time, you'll I'm either enjoying my family and friends, studying or working on ideas. Travelling and soccer are also great hobbies of mine.

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