Tyrone Shum

Digital Marketer, Youtube Creator, Speaker

Short Bio:

Tyrone Shum is the Digital Marketing Manager at Brickworks and been on Youtube since 2008. He is the creator of two extremely popular YouTube Channels that have received over 1.2 million views and over 12,500 subscribers allowing him to share these strategies with more than 300 businesses in 30 different countries around the world.

Origin Story:

It has not always been this way. Tyrone has been through many challenges from losing his job working in a recruitment agency to closing down a toilet deodourizing business and making a loss of $24,000 during the Global Financial Crisis. This helped him overcome adversity, learn from his mistakes and now helping Brickworks profit from their digital presence.

Media Recognition:

In addition to having a podcast ranked #1 on iTunes in the video marketing category, up with the well known educators such as Standford Technology and McKinsley podcasts, his Youtube channels is ranked #2 on Google and also won numerous awards and recognition from noteworthy blogs.

He has been interviewed on 30 different podcasts from around the world, featured on numerous world-class blogs and spoken at numerous events with over 100 attendees.

Tyrone is one of the most in-demand video marketers online, helping companies increase their sales.