Ty Price

Internet Entrepreneur, Tech Enthusiast

Ty Price has a passion for online business, internet marketing, and technology. He's been eagerly learning and putting his skills to practice since 2005. Since then he's held the roles of a Webmaster, E-Commerce Director, SEO Director, Business Development Manager, and President for some online businesses and a marketing agency.

Ty's a natural entrepreneur, always thinking of a new idea to bring to the market or a way to innovate something existing.

In 2011, his hard work outside of his day job job finally paid dividends and him and his wife were able to quit their jobs and become self-employed on a full-time basis. He enjoys getting his hands dirty with pretty much every aspect of on online business, whether it's product development, strategy, user experience, web development, site speed, conversion optimization, analytics, buyer psychology, or projections. He attributes his success to at least moderately understanding all pieces of the puzzle and how they have an impact on the big picture.

One of Ty's larger successes was running a website that received over 5 million unique visits in a single month, with 1 million of those visitors attributed to a single day.

He is the owner of BeYourOwnIT.com, a company whose goal is to teach people how to repair computers. They have a number of courses available on their website and plenty of free information throughout the site.

He also has a number of web projects under construction in deal, tech, and social categories.

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