Dr. Tullio Rossi

Science communicator

Since I finished high school I have dedicated my life to my greatest passion: the ocean. I undertook studies in marine biology, which brought me from Italy to the USA and then in Australia, where I recently completed a PhD in climate science. I always wanted to positively impact the world through science, however, during my PhD I realized that research alone is not enough. Science needs effective communication in order to make a difference. With this new awareness, I invested time and energy into becoming a proficient science communicator. This took many forms and radically shifted my career aspirations from academia to science communication.

Parallel to my education, I worked as a graphic designer for more than 10 years. Now that my education in science is complete, I feel I am connecting the dots between my scientific and design backgrounds. The two are coming together beautifully!

Thanks to this mixed background I can offer unique services which combine a solid understanding of science, the familiarity with the use of visual media and the principles of story telling. I am currently working as a freelance science communicator. I utilize my mixed skillset to help scientists and institutions communicate their complex ideas in a simple but effective way. The main services that I offer are animation video, scientific illustration and infographic design. I also teach science communication in workshops targeted to students and researchers and here on Udemy.

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