Troy Davinci

Internet marketer & Mobile Developer

Troy Davinci is the essential example of a man who built his own empire. Mr Davinci began on the same beaten path as most, with an attempt at both college and the 9 to 5 life before finally beginning his career on the internet in 2007. While purchasing drum sounds online for his music, Mr Davinci discovered that it was independent producers making a profit on their own sounds and quickly began doing the same. Music led to developing a library of ebooks, software, games, documents, manuals, literally anything that could be downloaded.

Once Mr Davinci had created a healthy cash flow from this passive income stream, he began to expand outward for other properties, including real world real estate and online businesses that had already shown their abilities to turn a profit. In 2011 Mr Wooten entered the burgeoning iPhone app market with his own app development company Narleyapps Inc, which has already debuted 7 unique apps including their most popular seller, Sneakerology. This year he launched another hit app “Sneaker Match Mania” it’s like Candy Crush but you are matching sneakers instead. At the time of this writing he has 10 other games in development from all type of niches from flying cats to space cowboys. This year in 2014, he will visit china for the fourth time to expand his business Opportunities there. When he is not busy building his own fortune, Wooten has started to give back, by sharing his knowledge with other would-be entrepreneurs eager to start successful businesses from their own ideas as well.

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