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Greetings from Team Trovedu. We are a team of lifelong educational enthusiasts. With our individual backgrounds in professional training, personal growth and tertiary education, we are passionate about creating value packed courses on Udemy with regular updates, and our promise to assist every question in the Q&A section guaranteed!

Founded by Mayriana and Rosita Michael, The Trovedu Education Network will be engaging professors, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs to develop more exciting courses on Udemy especially for you.

Mayriana Michael is an Educational Consultant, having conducted both technical as well as soft skills training for leading global insurance company, Prudential Assurance with over 1,000 course participants. She has since moved on to play a key role as the Lead coordinator in getting Malaysia’s top ranked Taylor’s University in the top 200 for QS Asia University Ranking, in addition to getting the University to be awarded with maximum of QS-5 stars in the QS Stars University Rating.

Rosita Michael graduated top of the class for her MBA Strategic Management from Malaysia University of Technology. With over 15 years experience lecturing in the local university circuit, she has shifted her focus to become a personal coach for students and professionals who seek to better themselves for better career opportunities.

For the past 12 years, we have coached hundreds of students, graduates, working adults and peers alike in professional training, personal growth and career development and have helped them achieve their career goals.

We are dedicated to help you succeed. It is our pride, our passion. Join us today and together we will take your career and your life to the next level.

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