Tristan Jeanneault

Independent Trader

Tristan’s interest in the markets began early in life when he opened his first investment account at the age of 16. His fascination and education in the markets continued at University as he completed a commerce degree, and traded equities and options. While managing a portfolio of equity and private equity investments for a boutique Investment Bank, Tristan began day-trading. He quickly realized that trading futures was not only a passion for him, but was also profitable. Over the past 10 years, Tristan has honed his trading skills by learning from other trading professionals, trading communities and his industry mentors.

Tristan has always been told he has a unique ability to explain complex concepts in an easy to understand manner, he decided to create T2C Trading to help other Traders reach their trading potential. After many years and countless hours of trading, Tristan has refined his trading techniques. He understands the markets, the psychology and the drive that is required to be an exceptional trader. Tristan wants to give back to the trading community and educate others to become consistently profitable traders.

T2C Trading was created to provide a boutique trading service where members feel part of a community. Tristan wants to share his experience and expertise with other traders. He wants to empower you to reach your trading potential.

When Tristan is not trading he is actively involved in Triathlons, Cycling, Running and Skiing. His hard work and perseverance in life and sports has helped shape his trading philosophy. Tristan believes that there is no substitute for effort, and that with effort comes results. He believes that given the opportunity, anyone can achieve their maximum potential. Tristan approaches his trading day much like an athlete approaches a big race, with a plan, drive, and preparedness.

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