Mr Trip Jones

Seduction Master

I was in college and my frustration with women and dating really sank in. I was just about to graduate and I had yet to attract any girl I really wanted. Up until this point I had been friend zoned by every girl I was truly interested in. My outlook on attraction and dating was completely wrong. I tried to dress as “cool” as I could and look good, but that just wasn’t cutting it. At this point I thought looks were the only way to impress a girl, but I soon found out I was wrong.

At this point I began diving into everything I could find on the internet and bookstore about attraction, dating and sex advice (that’s probably how you found me). The only problem was I kept running into things like “The Game”, pickup artists, gimmicks, manipulation, routines and more. There wasn’t any method that I could personally connect to. The material I found wasn’t about being able to meet women, rather how to use them for sex and become something you’re not. Don’t get me wrong, some books and material I read were very helpful, but I wasn’t sure how I was going get more dates and my choice of women with most of the information at hand.

This period was what I call “go time”. I took matters into my own hands and went out into the field. Instead of learning false methods, I set out to create my own. Was I scared? Completely. But, I wanted the power to be my most attractive self and get the women I wanted. For the next 2 years I went out non stop. Sometimes I went out 2-3 weeks in row approaching women, learning how to flirt, discovering ways to get over my social fears. I finally grew to become the person I always wanted to be: ME.

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