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Welcome to the Tribe

Hi.  My name is Wendie Webber.  I’m a regression-to-cause hypnosis practitioner.  And I’m here because it took me far too long to figure things out.  It cost me a small fortune to learn through trial-and-error - so you won’t have to.

I have personally experienced the Power of the Mind to achieve physical and emotional healing.  And I have facilitated it for others.  So I don’t just believe.  I know - the Mind has the Power to heal.

Since 2000, I have specialized in regression hypnotherapy.  I have studied with some of the best teachers in the hypnosis profession including:

  • -Gerald Kein (Omni-Hypnosis)
  • -David Quigley (Alchemical Hypnotherapy
  • -Stephen Parkhill (Answer Cancer)
  • -Cal Banyan (5-PATH)
  • -Matt Sison and Randy Shaw (Regression Hypnotherapy Boot Camp)
  • -The Satir Transformational Method
  • -The German New Medicine
  • -Emotional Freedom Technique
  • -Reconnective Healing
  • -Dream Work

I’m also trained in other healing modalities including:

I have read WAY too many books to mention.  And I am the author of The Devil’s Therapy – A complete Guide for the Regression-to-Cause Hypnosis Practitioner.  I also created The Dream Healing Practitioner Program.

If you’re here – you’re here for a reason.  I’m here to help!


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