Trevor Roberti

Educator, Real Estate Expert and Consultant

Trevor is an educator, real estate expert and consultant.  He is the owner and broker of The Buyers Brokerage, a real estate brokerage dedicated exclusively to supporting the needs of real estate buyers.  Trevor is also passionate about the great investment real estate offers for both home buyers and commercial property owners.  His passion for the investment aspect of real estate has led him to develop software for investors to wisely analyze and understand the value of investment properties.

Before getting into real estate, Trevor received his Ph.D. in physical chemistry, and he has taught chemistry and physics for years, primarily at the university level.  He has more recently channeled the years of experience as an educator into giving public presentations and teaching his real estate clients the ins and outs of buying real estate.

Trevor’s real estate clients have noted “he was very forthright and informative and answered all my questions clearly,” as well as “he made buying our home from out of state a seamless and stress free process.”

Trevor is excited to bring his vast experience as an educator and real estate expert together to teach the entire process of buying homes and investment properties, so people can truly enjoy buying their next home because of the clarity and understanding of the real estate buying process they can gain by taking his courses.

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