Transition To Professional

Multinational Education Project

We are a multinational education project that is comprised of trainers and entrepreneurs from the US, EU, Ukraine and other CIS countries.

Some of us have worked as trainers and education professionals within large commercial companies; some started their own guru-trainers careers; and others have managed the complex process of software development and product management in such well-known software giants as SUN, Intel, IBM or Yandex.

Members of our team have delivered a vast number of training initiatives within Eastern and Central Europe as well as CIS countries in which they:

  1. Provided more than 500 training sessions and seminars, both on-site and online, for more than 12,000 people from several different countries.
  2. Organised paid and free conferences visited by almost 15,000 attendees.
  3. Provided trainings and seminars for more than 130 corporate clients.
  4. Gained the trust of more than 50,000 online subscribers.

In our occupation (we usually don’t call what we do a job), we uphold the three following principles:

  1. In order to learn how to do something, people have to first do it for themselves.
  2. If you learned something, that means that now you can do something better.
  3. Training or other means of knowledge transfer HAS to make you BETTER at what you do or at what you are about to do; otherwise, you just spent your time and money for nothing.

Our project is called “Transition to Professional”.

Transition is a period, a path of change and transformation. We want to help you change and transform into a better self, to help you on this path with a goal of becoming a professional in things you do at work or even at home. What is even more important – we will help you to navigate your path effectively and efficiently.