TRANSATSECURITY is a transatlantic community for security professionals ranging from the public to private sectors, within every industry, and for organizations of all sizes as well as for individual security practitioners. Our network is dedicated to increasing the productivity of security professionals by giving them timely, valuable, and accurate information. We also provide training and special tools and access to our extended database of members.

TRANSATSECURITY focuses solely on intelligence, cyber security, military defense and anti-terrorism issues. In this era where espionage holds a significant technological component, threats are considerably difficult to manage. The risk of new threats emerging is very high. Consequently, the security of any and all sensitive information has become a vital aspect for all nations and businesses globally in their day-to-day operations.
Taking into consideration the current threats and challenges that global security faces, we gathered a team of experienced and highly trained professionals - former intelligence officers, legal professionals, cyber security specialists, military defense experts and other field specialists from public and private sectors. We have also established the instructional tools to aid security professionals in the private and public sector to fight cyber-espionage, cyber-terrorism, piracy, corporate espionage and other significant alarming problems in the field. Raising public awareness is significantly beneficial for all individuals collecting, handling, storing or providing information electronically.

TRANSATSECURITY wants to make it supremely difficult for people looking to steal sensitive information from companies and individuals by arming everyone with our instruction and advice. At TRANSATSECURITY, we build security network, analyze several aspects of global security, educate professionals and provide powerful capabilities to advance security as a profession!