Tranette Williams

Massage Therapist and Instructor

After passing on the traditional "do not collect $200, go directly to college" route, I worked in an office and quickly learned that I wasn't cut out for a desk job.

A year later, I followed my intuition to massage school. I enrolled at the Soma Institute in Chicago right after touring it which was before I had even had a professional massage. (A certain studly massage instructor didn't hurt either.)

It has proven to be the best decision that I've ever made though the hot teacher married his longtime girlfriend and moved to Hawaii. Oh well.

In the subsequent seven years, my career has led me to staff therapist positions at one of Chicago's top spas, schlepping a massage table down Michigan Ave from hotel to hotel, to rubbing down a celebrity or two.

I hope to share my love of massage therapy with couples locally around the world through easy-to-follow classes and workshops. I invite you and your sweetheart to join me and learn how to give better massage, better communication and better loving touch to one another.

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