Trading Patterns

Forex Trader/'s CEO

Trading Patterns is an Italian trading company with the mission of helping all the traders to become profitable and indipendent .

From our experience everyone can be a trader: what stops people from becoming successful traders is lack of discipline and commitment.

We teach Patterns, one of the best and easy to use trading strategy: with our help you will understand the real secrets of the trading, that don't make you rich quick but give you the right understanding of what is really valuable in Trading.

In the Forex market since 2011, we have studied the patterns and use specific rules to trade them: the ones that resulted more profitable.

Patterns help us recognise the most probable inversion areas, they can be found in every market and in every time frame and most important they give us the possibility to trade with discipline and no emotions. That's why they are so amazing!

If you want to improve some specific area we can also help you in any other aspects of the trading, from creating a trading plan to mentality.