Tracy Miller

Teamwork: Turning Your Team Into A Tribe

Corporations today are going to great lengths to make their employees feel like they belong to their organization. They are building gyms on site, allowing dogs to come to work and placing coffee shops and restaurants on their campuses. However, these amenities, although great perks, do not make people work harder nor do they make them more loyal to the company. When a person feels like they belong to a team with a purpose, and they are validated, they will do anything to guarantee the organization’s success.

Tracy Miller, a prosecutor in Orange County for the past 19 years, and an energetic, passionate Team Building coach  has been building successful, powerful, teams for decades.  Tracy created and leads the OC GRIP( the largest most sucessful gang prevention program in the United States) which involves over 200 law enforcement partners, 12 School Districts, faith-based groups, private business, non-profit organizations and over 300 community partners to keep kids out of gangs.  Tracy created and initiated the program by building extremely successful teams throughout Orange County.

Tracy started her career as a law clerk for prosecutors Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden on the OJ Simpson case. She has given leadership trainings and team building workshops to thousands of corporations, faith-based groups, law enforcement personnel, parents and students. Tracy taught as an adjunct professor for Chapman University, the 2010 Ambassador of Peace Award Recipient and a Recipient of the Orange Police Department’s Medal of Valor.  Tracy teaches her audiences to connect with themselves, each other and then their customers and clients in a way that guarantees success.

Steven Stakely President of Boeing Aerospace’s Leadership Chapter said, “Tracy is a phenomenal speaker. She makes her audiences laugh and cry and inspires them to make positive changes in their lives. She will empower your group to work together for amazing results. She has an understanding of what it takes to help people dream and give them hope. We strongly recommend her as a speaker for your next event.”

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