Tony Chapman

Instructor, Music Teacher, Composer, Song-Writer, Performer.

Tony has been teaching, performing and composing music and songs since he was 16 years old.

He has a B.A. Honours Degree, in Creative Arts, including Creative Writing, Music, Visual Arts, Dance and Drama. He has worked in theatre and education both in UK and in Mainland Europe.

As well as music, Tony is also a visual artist, painter and sculptor.

He lives in Amsterdam. Netherlands.

It began when I was 12 yrs.: playing music with my brothers in our back room, on piano and guitars, violin, trombone and old tins!

" - back then, I made up my own music by guess work and enthusiasm and it was great fun!

... but I came up against a barrier - my guess work wouldn't take me beyond a certain point - very frustrating... something was missing... (I didn't realize at the time but one of my lacks was: scales!)...

... I started searching for the missing pieces. I studied classical piano and guitar, singing and music theory.

I listened to recordings, and worked out every style of music. I got inside other musicians heads!

I performed solo and in bands. I played bass, piano and guitar and keyboard. I sang other peoples songs and wrote my own - you name it - I did it!

... and I have never lost sight of my roots: the reasons I originally wanted to know this stuff:

to play spontaneous, rich, immediate music...TO EXPRESS MYSELF.

- Its this hands-on, highly usable, accessible approach, I bring to you now.

- its as if I'm showing my 12 year old self what he didn't know, back then.

- in a form he can understand and use creatively - rocking with his friends, playing piano and guitar: Jimi Hendrix, Beethoven and Chopin, writing and singing his own songs - all in a fully realized way...

- using techniques that give him wings to fly!

- I bring you this down-to-earth, music-making system, in a package I would have liked, in a way I could have used, when I first started out.

- the tools I needed back then - I give to you now, here on this site - so you can go to the musical places now, I wish I could have gone to, back then.

Have a great, fun journey!"

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