Tony A. Gaskins Jr

Life Coach, Best Selling Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur

Tony Gaskins is a celebrity life coach, best-selling author, international speaker, and entrepreneur. By discovering and leveraging his God-given gifts and talents, Tony has birthed five businesses producing over 30 streams of income and counting. Having experienced success in business and his relationships through tapping into his purpose, Tony is committed to sharing the lessons he has learned along the way to help others live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Tony self-published his first book at the age of 22 years old. Immediately following it's release he became his own publicist, agent, and manager. His first speaking engagement was 25 days after his book was released. He spoke at Bethune Cookman University in front of 300 students about his book entitled What Daddy Never Told His Little Girl. Tony was invited on Oprah, Tyra Banks, and several other media outlets within the next two years to tell his story of once being a toxic lover while in college. His book was shown to the world on the Tyra Banks show where he was a guest expert speaking to young men and women in toxic relationships. Tony was 25 years old at the time.

After those television appearances Tony continued to use his book as a lead generating tool and was invited to speak for several major organizations, colleges and universities.

After experiencing this grass-roots success Tony turned down several traditional publishing opportunities and chose to continue doing it his way. He effectively cut out the major publishers and found a way to publish his own books and make 100% of the profits, all while changing thousands of lives.

Today Tony's books have sold in over 70 countries and it's been the tool that has opened up many other doors such as speaking, consulting, ghostwriting, and personal coaching.

Because of the courage to step out on faith and pen his first non-fiction book at 22 years old today Tony is one of the top life/relationship coaches in the country. Having coached over 300 celebrities and counting Tony has changed his life and hundreds of thousands of others all by telling his story.

Today it's his goal to inspire as many people as possible to tell their story because we never know who is going through what we've made it through.

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